Roost Soiree Champagne Glasses

Roost Soiree Champagne Glasses

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These gorgeous Roost Soiree Champagne Glasses celebrate ancient artisan techniques at their best. A disappearing art form, no other medium captures the brilliant play of color and spark quite like mouth-blown glass. Each piece is individually crafted in a labor-intensive process that consists of taking clear, molten glass and dipping it in a separate pot of melted colored glass. Intricate patterns are then hand-cut and polished to perfection.

Each set of 6 includes one of each colors: blizzard blue, chartreuse, ash, plum burgundy and orange.

Slight imperfections may occur due to the mouth-blown nature of each glass, including bubbling, rippling, and uneven edges.

Dimensions: 2.5" diameter x 6.25" tall, holds 6.70 oz.

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