Roost Filament Light BulbsRoost Filament Light Bulbs

Roost Filament Light Bulbs

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Roost utilizes the same technique and materials as Edison himself to create these vintage-style filament light bulbs.  Ideal for an industrial space, the bulbs generate a warm glow when lit and look fabulous with hanging light fixtures.

Each bulb is 20 watts and long lasting. And they come in a myriad of styles: large bulb, small tube, large corkscrew globe, small bulb, large linear globe, small corkscrew tube and long linear tube. 


A. Large Bulb: 2.5” DIA x 5” H

B. Small Tube: 1.75” DIA x 4.5” H

C. Large Corkscrew Globe:  5” DIA

D. Small Bulb: 2.5” DIA x 3.75” H

E. Large Linear Globe: 5” DIA

F. Small Corkscrew Tube: 1.75” DIA x 5” H

G. Long Linear Tube: 1.25” DIA x 7.25” H

H. Medium Curlicue Globe: 3.75” DIA


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