Putumayo Women of Brazil CD

Putumayo Women of Brazil CD

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Experience alluring samba, bossa nova, and reggae rhythms. Eclectic and innovative, these are the sounds of a young generation of rising female stars and new discoveries in the Brazilian music scene.

Women of Brazil chronicles the new stars and established voices of a scene as prolific as it is innovative, from philosophical sambas (Aline Morales’s “Pra Que Sambar”) to gentle electronic sounds, from the sway of bossa nova (Clara Moreno’s “Balanço Zona Sul”) to reggae vibes (Flavio Coehlo’s “A Foto”). The musicians featured on this album take the music of greats like Caetano Veloso and Jorge Ben, and create their own unique interpretations - or craft clever new songs, often with a wink to the classic Brazilian songbook. -World Music Wire

Track list:

Nossa Alma Canta -“Bossanova”

Ģraca Cunha - "Saudade e Solidão"

Clara Moreno - "Balanço Zona Sul"

Flavia Coelho - "A Foto”

Maguinha - "Gema"

Aline Morales - "Pra Que Sambar"

Luisa Maita - "Mangue e Fogo"

Juliana Kehl - "Ele Não Sabe Sambar (Pedrarias Prata e Pó)"

Mart’nalia - "Pára Comigo"

Miriam Aida - "Por Causa de Você Meninha"

Miriam Maria - "Boi de Haxixe"

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