Journey from the Center to the Page by Jeff Davis

Journey from the Center to the Page by Jeff Davis

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At once inspirational and instructional, The Journey from the Center to the Page artfully illustrates how yoga philosophies and practices can be an invaluable ally to the writing life.

With wisdom for writers of any level and in any genre, nationally known yoga and writing instructor Jeff Davis shows you how yoga’s principles and practical tools can deepen your writing process and increase your versatility as a writer. A grounded guide to the body-mind-imagination connection, this book shows ways to:

-Re-connect with your deeper intention for writing

-Sustain concentration and confidence when writingrrMake time to write what matters most to yourrWrite with an authentic voice

-Draft, re-vision, and revise with an embodied writing process.

-Write with a more visceral style replete with fresh imagery, intimate detail, metaphor, and rhythmrrConvert fear and anger into powerful stories and satire

-Cultivate compassion for complex characters—whether real or fictional

-Create an authentic writers community

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