Eco Kids Organic GlueEco Kids Organic Glue

Eco Kids Organic Glue

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Eco-Kids Organic Glue is an envionmentaly friendly must-have item for your little one's arts & crafts time. Each container of organic glue is handmade using rice flour, water, sugar, citric acid, corn starch, potassium sorbate, and rosemary oil, so it's naturally gluten-free! No artificial anything, and absolutely NO scary chemicals are used. This non-toxic eco-kids glue is safe enough to eat!

Each 4oz. container comes with an applicator to mess-free crafting.

Eco-kids is a family-run company that makes the funnest all-natural, environmentally-friendly, organic, and, most importantly, edible art supplies right in their very own kitchen! Even their packaging is sustainable- fueled by wind power, printed with soy ink, and made from cornstarch, you can toss the boxes and containers right into the compost when you’re through.

There’s even a gluten-free line for kids with celiacs or special dietary restrictions. It’s creative play the natural way!

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