Ethically Sourced Bone Inlay MirrorEthically Sourced Bone Inlay MirrorEthically Sourced Bone Inlay Mirror

Ethically Sourced Bone Inlay Mirror

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Our exquisite bone inlay mirror is made by Jains in Jodhpur, India who ethically source the materials only from the Sacred Cows that roam India's streets and countryside and have died a natural death.  Jainism, one of the world's oldest religions, subscribes to a path of non-violence towards all living beings, are strict vegetarians, and manufacture our intricately made, hand-cut and inlaid pieces without conflict.  Not to mention that the mirror is exquisite-- a beautiful balance between elegant and not overdone or fussy. The cream colored frame has some natural variation in it's hues, and makes a great statement in a more modern or classic environment.

Imported from India exclusively by Nectar.

Dimensions: 36 1/4" W x 60" H x 1" D

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