Ayurvedic Soothing Tea

Ayurvedic Soothing Tea

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This delightfully aromatic Ayurvedic tea designed to balance pitta will soothe, cool and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Spearmint, as familiar as an old friend, puts you at ease. Coriander, the herbal firefighter, relieves an overheated digestive system. Cooling hibiscus and fennel, along with calming chamomile, citronella and lemongrass round out this soothing blend, leaving you refreshed and enlivened.

Drink Chopra Center Organic Soothing Tea:
to take the edge off i
itability and impatience
to help soothe digestive distress
to cool yourself in hot weathe
rto calm your intense mind to balance a Pitta mind body constitution.

Ingredients: Organic spearmint leaves, organic coriander, organic fennel seeds, organic hibiscus flowers, organic citronella, organic chamomile flowers. Each tin contains 20 organic tea sachets.

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